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Meet the new Tempt, a band that comes with Pop Rock style music.The first time with the merger of the Tempt boys, consisting of a Plan, Gun ,Title and Perth for shooting a fashion set in KAZZ Magazine, issue 158, called girls fans should not miss. At #KazzMagazine only!

For the fans of Kazz Magazine, have the privilege to win a photo from Polaroid camera with the signature of the 4 boys in a special way. Each prize will receive 1 set of photos (4 types). This event is only given to 2 prizes. Don’t wait to join the activity!!
1. Only purchasing ‘Package Member’ or ‘Special Package’
2. Bringing order number for registration

流行摇滚音乐风格的乐坛小鲜肉—Tempt 乐队.Kazz 杂志第158期首次集全4位乐队成员,巴廉、甘、呔特、奔儿的时尚写真照,各位美女和我们的粉丝们可千万不能错过哦!Kazz杂志独家奉献!

Kazz 杂志第158期首次集全4位乐队成员,巴廉、甘、呔特、奔儿的时尚写真照,各位美女和我们的粉丝们可千万不能错过哦!Kazz杂志独家奉献!


1. 须购买会员套餐或特别套餐

2. 将购买时获得的代码用于活动的注册报名(您可点击下方的网址进行报名)

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Special Package


  • Get books 12 ( Mixed 3 each cover. )
  • Photo cards 4 type ( 3 cards each)
  • Member Card
  • 1 sheet of Poster (Set group )

** this condition will not get our member code and other special promotions from Kazz Magazine.


  • 有4种不同风格的杂志封面可供您选择(可任意选择一种,赠品将由您所选择杂志封面的风格而定)
  • 将获得12期杂志
  • 可获得4种不同风格的写真照(每种3张照片)
  • 精美会员卡(将获得与您选择的杂志封面相符的会员卡图案)
  • 一张海报(4人合照)


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If you order 1 book of magazine, it’ll random 1 of Photo card
Total of photo cards are 4 type.



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** Ordered up to 15 August 2019 **

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